Building Bridges of Ministry in Our Catholic Church


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What will you find here?…

This webpage was created during the Year of Mercy [2015-2016] because there is a great need for resources that can help us understand how we can do ministry with LGBT Catholics; how YOU [as a youth minister, Eucharistic minister, choir director, prayer group leader, parent, or LGBT Catholic] can engage in respectful dialogue with others; how we can all respond to Pope Francis’ call for pastoral care for LGBT Catholics and their families; and how we can engage with the LGBT Catholics that are already sitting in the pews every Sunday and who are already serving in our ministries, those we minister to and those that minister to us.

One of the most important sections in this page is the Resource Section where you can find a variety of Articles, Church sources as well as other official (lay) sources, materials made by existing ministries, and books. Other sections also include “Prayers and Liturgical Songs” as well as a a section with commentary on basic principles of Church Doctrine and Guidelines for Pastoral Care.

What this webpage is NOT about

This webpage is not a discussion about marriage equality (even though we sometimes address Church Doctrine on Chastity as well as Pastoral Sensitivity to people in committed same-sex relationships. Any comments as to this topic are pastoral commentary only). This webpage is not about civil marriage. It is about Pastoral Care and Practical Guidelines for Ministry with all LGBT Catholics.

We invite you to journey through this webpage and videos with a prayerful spirit, a spirit of discernment. So let us pray.

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Dear God, help us put all our thoughts and doubts, biases and viewpoints, into your hands, so that we may be able to take whatever we learn today and put it into our heart. Please help us discern the best way we can do ministry with LGBT Catholics.




We have several contributors who do LGBT ministry all over the world and who have contributed and continue contributing resources to this page. Our Facebook and Instagram pages also feature content by various contributors.


Yunuen Trujillo

The original video that links to this page was my first work in LGBT Ministry. In this video I explained some of the basics of Church Doctrine regarding LGBT Catholics, particularly addressing the parts of Doctrine that are almost never mentioned, as well as sharing some insights and my own lived experience. I have learned so much more since and would like you to continue learning as well, so as of March 2019 I have turned this page exclusively into a resource page so we can continue building knowledge and building bridges together.

To give you some background information about myself, my name is Yunuen Trujillo and I am a lay minister. I have been involved in young adult ministry for more than 14 years. As a leader with the Archdiocesan Young Adult Ministry in Spanish (Pastoral Juvenil de la Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles) I have coordinated religious formation programs for young adults in Spanish. I was also a Catholic Radio Host for 5 years. In addition to this, I am a lecturer on the topic of Social Doctrine of the Church, as this is my specialty. More recently, I got involved with Always Our Children, a Catholic support group for parents and family of LGBT Catholics, and I’m one of the Religious Formation Leads with the Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons, an Archdiocesan Ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (although this webpage is a project that I’m doing completely on my own and not related to that ministry. Any points of view expressed here are my own).

The videos and/or content shown here in no way replace official Religious Formation nor are they comprehensive; however, it is my hope and dream that the information you find here be a “kickstarter” and a motivation for all people doing ministry to learn more about this topic, to learn more about the lived experience of the LGBT Catholic, and to understand the importance of taking Religious Formation and growing in your knowledge of the people you serve.